22 Ways To Keep Kids Entertained While Work At Home

The current uncertainty of the world has resulted in many people to work from home while juggling childcare and home education. 

It’s a unique situation – never before have parents had to balance keeping children entertained without leaving their house while ensuring that their professional workload is still met. 

With the help of some creativity and planning, it is possible to keep children entertained at home while you work. 

This guide will provide practical advice on creating a successful work-from-home environment with kids. 

From clever organization techniques to fun activities, parents can find ways to keep their kids entertained while still accomplishing important tasks.

Importance Of Keeping Children Entertained While Work From Home

When working from home, it’s important to keep kids entertained so they don’t interfere with your work. 

This can be easier said than done, but there are several activities and strategies you can use. 

Finding the right balance between productive and fun activities is key to ensuring children enjoy their time while parents can focus on their work. 

Depending on the child’s age, activities could range from setting up a craft station with materials.

Like crayons and paper to creating an art project with different colors, shapes and textures. 

Additionally, educational activities such as online learning classes or board games. 

That promotes strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills can help maintain a sense of structure in the day. 

Creating a Schedule 

Having a schedule is essential for both children and parents when it comes to managing work-from-home routines. 

Having a set routine helps create structure in an otherwise chaotic environment, allowing family members to accomplish tasks more effectively. 

Schedules also help prevent distractions and promote productivity while working from home. 

They can also provide consistency, which can be quite beneficial for children who may find the transition to remote learning or work difficult. 

Additionally, by outlining everyone’s tasks, schedules help reduce stress levels within the family as everyone knows what they need to do daily. 

Maintaining a schedule while working from home helps maximize efficiency, minimize stress, and promote better communication between family members.

Indoor Activities 

A. different indoor activities that can keep children entertained 

Drawing and coloring Drawing and coloring are great ways to keep kids entertained. At the same time, you work, as they can explore their creative side while also learning to use different tools such as pencils, markers, and colored pencils. Not only is it fun for them, but it’s also an educational activity that can help improve their fine motor skills. Have them create pictures out of magazine cutouts or draw from their imagination for added fun!

Building with blocks or Legos

Building with blocks and Legos is another great indoor activity for kids. It encourages problem-solving skills, spatial awareness development, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. They can use the pieces to build towers, bridges, cities, and anything else they can dream up! The possibilities are endless with this one.

Playing with dolls or action figures

Dolls and action figures provide hours of entertainment for kids while you work at home. Kids can create stories by playing with these toys, which helps boost their storytelling abilities and imaginative thinking. Plus, playing with dolls helps develop social skills since it involves taking on various roles in play scenarios.

Playing with board games or card games

 Board games and card games are a great way to keep kids entertained indoors while helping them learn about strategy and decision-making. Games like Monopoly help teach money management skills while other titles like Clue teach deduction skills. Making them perfect activities for both education and entertainment!

Reading books or telling stories

Reading books together or telling stories is an excellent activity that stimulates children’s imaginations. While also providing educational benefits such as increased vocabulary development and exposure to different ideas. It’s also a perfect opportunity to bond with your child and get some quality family time in during the day!

Doing puzzles or mazes: 

Puzzles are another great indoor activity that can challenge children mentally without putting too much pressure on them. Doing puzzles helps build problem-solving skills as well as provides visual stimulation. While mazes encourage logical thinking processes as well as spatial orientation development!

Playing with play-doh or modeling clay

Playing with play-doh or modeling clay encourages creativity as it allows children to make whatever shapes they desire from the soft materials provided! It encourages fine motor skill development too. So it’s a win-win situation when it comes to activities for kids at home!

Playing with musical instruments

 Playing musical instruments is a fun way for kids to express themselves creatively in addition to developing rhythmical capabilities through sound exploration. There are many instruments available for children at varying price points. From kazoos all the way up to guitars – so finding one suitable for your family should not be too difficult!

Doing arts & crafts

Arts & crafts projects allow kids to make various things using household items such as paper plates, construction paper, glue sticks, markers etc. So they don’t need expensive supplies just to have fun indoors! Whether they’re making cards or decorations out of craft materials. There’s always something creative your child can do when they’re stuck inside due to inclement weather outside!

Playing with educational toys or learning games

Educational toys or learning games are also beneficial activities that keep kids entertained while teaching them new concepts at the same time! These toys can range from simple word recognition games all the way up to complicated math exercises. So no matter what level your child is at, there’s something out there that will help stimulate their mind in an entertaining manner!

Get sculpting

If your kid enjoys working three dimensionally then get sculpting. This means creating 3D artworks out of objects around the house such as cereal boxes filled with newspaper strips tied together make wonderful sculptures that can easily be painted afterwards if desired! This type of activity promotes creativity plus practice fine motor control.Making it ideal for those days when you need something extra special inside the house during rainy days

Outdoor Activities 

A. Benefits of outdoor activities 

1. Outdoor activities provide children with physical exercise, which helps to improve overall health, strengthen bones and muscles, and increase coordination as well as balance.

2. Beyond physical benefits, outdoor activities also help to boost motor skills and creativity in children. By encouraging them to use their imagination while exploring the natural environment.

3. Outdoor activities also offer kids an opportunity to learn about the environment around them.

Such as plants and animals, as well as other natural features like rivers, mountains, lakes, beaches, etc.

4. By getting away from screens and technology for a period of time each day outdoors can help reduce stress levels for kids who are used to being constantly plugged in through devices.

5. Going outdoors also enables children to build independence by teaching them how to navigate their surroundings on their own or with friends in a safe manner.

6. Spending time outside is beneficial for mental health as exposure to natural sunlight helps increase Vitamin D production which helps regulate moods and reduce symptoms of depression or anxiety.

7. Lastly, outdoor activities serve an important role in fostering social connections among peers by providing a shared space. 

Where they can chat and collaborate on different challenges together without the distractions of technology or other indoor activities

B. Ideas for outdoor activities that can be done in a small space 

Planting flowers or vegetables

Gardening is a great way to teach kids the basics of sustainability and get them connected to nature. 

Encourage them to plant their own flowers, herbs, or even vegetables! Kids can learn how to tend to their plants and watch them grow in their own backyard.

Playing with a sprinkler or water hose

 A fun activity that is sure to keep kids entertained is playing with a sprinkler or water hose! 

This activity will keep them cool on hot summer days while also allowing them to express their creativity. 

Have them set up an obstacle course or just let them run around and get wet!

Building a treehouse or fort

Building a treehouse or fort is an exciting way for kids to explore new ideas and use problem-solving skills. 

Have the kids gather materials from around the yard such as sticks, branches, leaves, and rocks, then help them build a structure that they can use as their own secret hideout.

Playing with a kite or Frisbee

 Kites are a classic outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. 

They can also be used as an educational tool – have your little ones learn about aerodynamics by observing how the kite flies! 

Frisbees are also fun for everyone and provide physical exercise for the whole family.

Playing hide-and-seek or tag

Hide-and-seek and tag are two classic outdoor activities that require very little in terms of equipment. 

Kids love these games because they get to make up their own rules – perfect for fostering imagination and competitive spirit! 

Plus, they’ll get plenty of running around while playing these two favorites.

Having a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are perfect for keeping kids active while giving them something fun to do outdoors. 

Make it interesting by having themed lists of items that need to be hunted down.This could include items like leaves, pine cones, rocks, feathers, etc.

Playing with outdoor toys such as balls or jump ropes

Playing catch with balls of various sizes will keep your kid’s hand-eye coordination sharp while jump ropes provide cardio exercise in small spaces (no gym membership needed!) 

Playing with these toys encourages physical activity more than sitting indoors, which helps keep kids fit and healthy.

Having a bonfire or roasting marshmallows

Bonfires are not only fun but also create lasting memories for your family when performed safely. 

Roasting marshmallows adds an extra layer of sweetness plus encourages teamwork. 

Every member has an important job in making sure there’s enough marshmallows roasting at once!

Playing with a sandbox or digging in the dirt

 Sandboxes give children several hours’ worth of playtime filled with building structures and exploring different textures through touch. If

You don’t have one available, consider filling up baskets full of dirt and letting the kiddos dig away! 

Digging in the dirt helps kids develop patience when searching for interesting items such as bugs, stones, twigs etc.

Plus it encourages imaginative play when creating stories around what they find.

Bring out their ninja skills 

Have your little ones become ninjas by practicing agility skills. Such as jumping over obstacles like hula hoops placed on the ground. This type of exercise helps strengthen muscles while having lots of fun at the same time!

DIY a parachute 

Parachute play encourages creative thinking as well as team building.

simply tie four corners of a sheet together using string then challenge your kiddo’s fine motor skills further by decorating it before taking it outside for some gravity defying action!

Hit the rink

Get out those roller skates/blades/scooters anything wheeled will do and head outdoors, skating provides plenty of physical exercise 

While allowing freedom of movement around the driveway/sidewalk/parking lot – safety first though so don’t forget to put on helmets before rolling out!


Work from home with kids can be a challenge, but there are ways to make it easier. Keeping children entertained while working requires both flexibility and creativity. 

Parents should experiment with different activities and find the ones that work best for their family. 

It is important to provide a variety of options such as puzzles, books, crafts, outdoor play and games that keep children engaged. 

Additionally, parents should take regular breaks throughout the day to focus on their child’s needs, recharge and enjoy quality time together. 

With a bit of planning and dedication, parents can successfully manage work-from-home responsibilities while keeping their kids entertained.


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